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We welcome our visitors to our new hci-kdd.org website. In order to keep pace with time, our website is now responsive with a fresh design.


Our digital world, full of mobile computing devices and ubiquitous sensor networks produce increasingly large, complex, high-dimensional and weakly structured data sets, and increasing volumes of unstructured information. These enormous amounts of data require novel, efficient and interactive solutions for knowledge discovery/data mining.  A synergistic combination of methodologies and approaches of two areas offer ideal conditions towards unraveling such problems: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Knowledge Discovery/Data Mining (KDD), with the goal of supporting human intelligence with machine learning, putting the “human-in-the-loop “. Our goal is to interactively discover new, previously unknown insights into the data and we are passionate on extending advanced methods including time (e.g. information entropy) and space (e.g. computational topology), along with user-centered software engineering methods to create interactive software for mobile applications & content analytics techniques.

Science is to test crazy ideas – Engineering is to put these ideas into Business!