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… where machine learning and biomedical informatics meet.

Science is to test crazy ideas, Engineering is to put these ideas into practice: The Holzinger group is doing theoretical, algorithmical, and experimental  studies to try to understand the problem of knowledge discovery from complex data to discover unknown unknowns. Our ultimate goal is contributing towards personalized medicine.

Humans are excellent at pattern recognition in dimensions of ≤3 (image below, left side). However, most biomedical data sets are in dimensions much higher than 3 (image below, right), making manual analysis often impossible. Efficient, useable computational methods, algorithms and tools to interactively gain insight into such “Big Data” are a commandment of our time. >Info Poster MM77

The Holzinger Group works on a synergistic combination of methods from two areas, offering ideal conditions to unravel problems with complex data sets: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Knowledge Discovery/Data Mining (KDD), with the goal of supporting human intelligence with machine learning (human-in-the-loop). HCI-KDD is an important step towards personalized medicine. > Info Poster MM89

Asking questions to data sets – Looking for similarities, dissimiliarities, irregularities, anomalies, …

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Research Field: Computer and Information Science
Technical Area: Interactive Knowledge Discovery, Interactive Machine Learning, Ubiquitous Computing
Application Area: Biomedical Informatics, Smart Health, Personalized Medicine

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andreas Holzinger

Head of Research Unit HCI-KDD
Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation

Medical University Graz
Auenbruggerplatz 2/V
A-8036 Graz, Austria

Phone: +43 316 385 13883
Fax: +43 316 385 13590
E-Mail: a.holzinger@hci-kdd.org

The Holzinger Group